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List of Fruits for Diabetes that is safe and viable Consumed

Diet or diet for diabetics diabetes sufferers often starving, so all diabetics should know what are the fruits for diabetes are good for interludes or snack food. Follow a good diet is the obligation for the sufferers of diabetes to combat this disease. Fruits for diabetics that we have collected under this has other benefits to improve the body's balance of sufferers of diabetes, so it is not only good to hold the hunger only. Follow this article to get more information about what fruit should be Your first choice for Your extra food menu.

This is the fruit for a diabetic that you can use As Your Snack
Choosing the right kinds of foods to fight diabetes is very important. Similarly, in the choose the type of fruit is what's good for Your stomach Scotch among Your heavy meal hours. In General, choose fruit with flavor that is not too sweet, because the sweet taste that comes from the fructose may raise blood sugar levels when consumed in excess. Select the fruit also contains a lot of fibre, because it can control Your hunger. And always choose fresh fruit that is not given extra sugar is a required step you must take. Here are eight fruits for diabetics which we have selected for you:

Fruit Berry
What are the fruits which belong to the type of fruit berry? Fruit such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are some kinds of fruit a berry family quite famous in Indonesia. According to the ADA (American Diabetes Association) fruit berry is one of the best fruits for diabetics or diabetes. Why? Fruit berry contains antioxidants, a wide range of vitamins, fiber and has a low glycemic index. So, next time when you want to consume foods that are sweet select fruit berry which nourish it. Don't forget, strawberry juice, blueberry or blackberry can become Your snack choices, but without sugar and milk, of course.
Other fruits for diabetes is also very good for the health of sufferers of diabetes or diabetes is cherry fruit. This fruit has antioxidant content very much and can prevent a variety of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and high blood which is a disease that often occurs in conjunction with diabetes. One glass of cherry fruit contains seitar 78 calories. Don't forget the cherry fruit also contains a high fiber has a low Glycemic indeksi anyway. But keep in mind for wise chose cherry fruit that no added artificial sweeteners.

In addition to being the fruit of choice for those on a diet, apples can be a fruit for a diabetic. Why? Apples contain lots of Vitamin C, fiber and a variety of anti oxidants that can strengthen your vitality, immunity and revitalizing the body. Some researchers are looking for evidence of any race that this fruit can lower blood sugar levels thus helping control the excess blood sugar in the body. Konsumsilah apples with Peel, because the skin of apples contain fiber which is also very good for lowering the glycemic index of this fruit. And calories conceived the apples is very slight, i.e. just 54 calories in 1 small Apple.

Fruit for a diabetic delights is another fruit acids that contain a lot of Vitamin C aka citrus fruits. Yes, in addition to Vitamin C, there are still many other additional nutrients contained in grain of this fruit is believed anti oxidants, fiber, folate and potassium is good for the body. Fiber can lower the glycemic index so make diabetics do not feel hungry fast. Folate and potassium else good to normalize and keep blood pressure levels, bearing in mind any vulnerable people with diabetes affected by high blood disease or hypertension. Feel free to add this fruit into Your daily menu as snacks or juice which certainly do not additional sugar added.

Pear fruit is a great source of Vitamin K and fiber that is very much, making this fruit as fruit for diabetes which should not be missed. Vitamin K can normalize the balance in the blood so as to help improve the health status of you. Fibers are conceived by the pear fruit also is very much that it can lower the Glycemic Index fruit and consequently benefit fills your stomach longer. Immediately enter this fruit as one kind of fruit that you can use as a snack in between Your heavy meal. Because in addition to the benefit that is tasty and rich, pear ever gave the health benefits for the body.
Do not be focused on the rumors that say that the fat that conceived the avocado will mempergemuk and add to your weight. Because, the fat that was conceived of this fruit is not much and the kind of fat they contain any apparently is not saturated fats that are good for the body. Another advantage of eating avocados is glucose or sugar that conceived this little fruit. Saturated fat is not good for the body because it can help raise HDL, the good cholesterol, and help prevent heart disease. The above benefits makes the avocado as one fruit for a diabetic. Of course do not consume the avocado in the form of juice or ice mix that contain lots of sugar.

Fruit for a diabetic not less salubrious papaya is a fruit. Fruit grown in the tropics than is good for the digestive tract also turned out to be good for diabetes. Beruntunglah Indonesia because the fruit is always there in every season or month. Papaya contains Vitamin A, C and E are high and certainly provide benefits that are good for the body. Don't forget, papaya also contain calcium, iron and potassium that helps blood vessels to the heart function and red blood cells. So, the papaya is a fruit that should be mandatory consumption diabetics as a snack in between meals to you.

Kiwi fruit that we often finding food frozen yogurt as a topping or regular snacks of fruit is also for diabetes are no less rewarding. This fruit contains potassium, fiber and Vitamin C which is certainly beneficial to the body. Vitamin C contained the Kiwis will maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels and can lower high blood pressure, a condition that often become ' friends ' the disease of diabetes. Now, a lot of research is being done to prove the effectiveness of its role in the kiwi lower blood sugar is high.

Food for Diabetes – Setting Portion, meal schedule and type of food
Combating diabetes strategy requires significant lifestyle changes. Especially in terms of diet or in terms of regulating your diet. Not just reduce the portions to eat, diabetics must know what foods should he eat the kind of food, what to avoid, when to eat and how many servings of foods that should he eat. So, this is roughly an outline of food for diabetes that you can follow:

Packed with hours of regularly is the first strategy you have to do. Do not skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. The key portion to taste, eat, what kind of food the best and regularly every day.
Reduce carbs is key in the fight against diabetes. A sufferer of diabetes is simply allowed to eat white rice sebanyakan fist his hand every time just to eat. Also avoid foods high in carbohydrates such as sweet and sugared food, flour, bread, noodles, vermicelli, and Potato tubers.
The consumption of protein and fat to taste, i.e. the meat one Palm thick, with no meaning beyond the 0.5-1 cm. Choose lean meat. And you should only consume as much oil seujung finger nail each time you eat. Don't forget there's fat in dairy products you consume.
Eat vegetables and fruits to Scotch the hunger in your belly, make it a habit of eating fresh vegetables and avoid long cooking process on the vegetables that you eat. You can also utilize the fruits on top as a snack when you feel hungry in between a heavy meal.
Regulating diet and lifestyle is the main key to keeping your blood sugar. But keep in mind that you should not leave the medication the doctor to combat diabetes you suffered and instead rely solely on fruits on top to control your blood sugar. How, if the information we gave is pretty helpful to you? If it is, immediately apply step choosing food for a diabetic on top to control your blood sugar. And feel free to add fruit for a diabetic on top as an extra food to your daily menu to get a range of important benefits to combat disease diabetes you.

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Almost all people have experienced moments of bad taste when the throat itchiness. Throat feels itching can be a sign of several medical conditions such as allergies, or may be due to the effects of a viral infection or bacteria. Generally, the itching in the throat is not a serious problem. You can easily treat an itchy throat at home with drugs sold in pharmacies as well as traditional medicine. In this article you will find the possible cause of the onset of itching in the throat following ways to relieve the itchiness.

Four things the most Itchy Throat Causes
Itching in the throat also usually followed by coughing, because things that can cause throat itch usually also trigger coughing. There are many things that can be the cause of the occurrence of these two things. Generally, old symptoms that arise and the presence of other symptoms that accompany it can be used as a benchmark to determine possible causes. Below are the four things that most often cause itching in the throat:
1. Allergic reaction
An allergic reaction occurs because the body's immune system reacts against the objects that are present in the environment, which is normally not harmful. Allergy triggers on each person it could be different. Examples of objects that can trigger allergies is pollen from flowers, hair or fur, mold, dust mites, or the fragrance of the perfume. When a person inhaling the allergen triggers, symptoms that arise in addition to itchy throat is clogged and runny nose, cough, and sneezing. Even the eyes can also feels itchy, red, swollen, and watery.

2. Food allergies and medications

An estimated 4-6% of children and 4% of adults suffer from allergies to certain types of food such as milk, peanuts, eggs, or fish. Besides the itchiness in the throat, food allergies can cause itching in the mouth, swelling of the mouth and tongue, stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and itching in the skin. Drug allergy shows signs and symptoms are almost the same. Unlike food allergy is relatively arise more quickly, drug allergies can arise in a matter of hours until the first day of the person taking the drug.

A very severe allergic conditions may cause anaphylactic reactions that endanger lives. Anaphylactic reactions occurred when such as increased pulse, shortness of breath, difficult swallowing, and faint, someone who suffers from allergies should be immediately brought to the nearest ER.

3. The pollutants

Pollutants are inhaled can cause coughing and throat itch. There are many examples of particles in the air carried away may cause irritation to the throat. Cigarette smoke (no exception on passive smokers), for example. Examples of other pollutants are smoke smoke from factories, motor vehicles, chlorine, or other cleaning liquids. Inhale some kind of example of such pollutants can cause inflammation of the wall of the throat and the throat became scratchy as a result.

4. Common Cold

This is the cause of the most common scratchy throat. At the very least, the average adult suffering from colds 2 or 3 times a year. Colds are caused by viral infection, that will be transmitted when someone infected with the virus are not closing the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, so that droplets containing the virus is spread in the air. Generally, the symptoms of colds will be most severely felt during the first day of the 3-4, which then fade to subside in 7-10 day. Besides the itchiness in the throat, colds also cause headaches and pain in the body.

Alleviates Throat Itch with these easy steps
The good news is, there are many ways that you can do to relieve the itching in the throat, either naturally or use drugs sold in pharmacies. Of course, you also have to figure out what is causing your throat feels itchy. Thus, in addition to relieving symptoms, you also can simultaneously get rid of the cause to make it more effective. For those of you who are struggling cope with throat itching, the steps below you can try.

1. Consume honey

Pure honey is a traditional medicine; relieve itchiness in the throat is just one among many drank. You can consume one tablespoon honey directly in the morning or mixing it into a cup of hot tea. Use pure honey that can help increase your body's resistance against allergies.

However, don't give honey in children aged under 1 year. This is because honey contains bacteria Clostridium botulinum. These bacteria can produce toxic substances. In infants and children under the age of 1 year, pencernaannya is not as good as adults so that the presence of the toxic substance in the system pencernaannya can make it experienced infant botulism, a serious disease that is one of its worst impact was death.
2. Gargle with salt water

Salt helps relieve inflammation and excess mucus production that can cause itching in the throat. To get the benefits of salt in relieving itchy throat, how fairly easily. Add half a teaspoon of salt into 250 ml of warm water and stir until dissolved. Use this to rinse salt solutions for 10 seconds, then ludahkan (not swallowed). Doing it this way 2-3 times a day, until you feel better.

3. A glass of warm ginger tea

250 ml boiled water, then insert into it a single segment of ginger that is already digeprek earlier. Seduh tea with the water, then add to it lemon water and honey to taste. Mix until all three are mixed evenly. Drink the mixture to relieve itchiness on your throat.

4. Turn on the humidifier

Very dry environments can cause the body to become dehydrated, which ultimately cause itching in the throat. To overcome this problem, turn on the humidifier in your living room or your bedroom for added moisture in the air. If there is not a humidifier in your home, you can make it your own by way of putting some of the plant life around your residence.

5. Drink lots of water

As mentioned in the previous points, dehydration can cause an itchy throat. Dehydration is a condition in which the fluid out of the body more than the incoming fluid. Dehydration is very common when the weather is hot, after a workout, or when a person suffers from pain.

Dehydration causes throat dries. The amount of mucus that should exist in the throat to melubrikasi and protect sensitive network decreases. As a result, the throat became scratchy. An easy way to overcome dehydration of course by drinking more water. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

6. Stay away from things that can trigger allergies

In this way it is quite effective to prevent itchy throat. To find out what objects that cause allergy in You, you have to saw a doctor who might be doing a series of tests. In the meantime, to avoid dust mites you can wash sheets and blankets with hot water (above 500 C). Clean the furniture, carpets, and curtains with a vacuum cleaner.

When your allergies caused by pollen of flowers, remains are inside the room and close the window when the number of pollen grains are many. If the allergy is caused by cigarette smoke, stay away from smokers. If the allergy is caused by the hair or fur of animals, do not enter the animal into the House.

Hopefully the article about the possible causes of an itchy throat and some easy steps to cope with it is beneficial for you. Itching in the throat is not dangerous. But don't delay to go to a doctor if the symptoms grew worse or other symptoms appear like difficult breathing, fever, difficult swallowing, pain in the throat, it appears the presence of swelling of the face, and appeared itching in the skin. Hopefully always healthy.

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Did you know that diabetes complications prevention is so important to do? Complications of diabetes is not the usual minor illnesses, some of which can even be fatal for the long term. Diabetes is one of the diseases that damage the metabolism of the body especially the metabolism of sugar (glucose). Diabetes mellitus itself can occur due to the lack of the hormone insulin which act to incorporate glucose into cells or caused due to lack of the hormone insulin sensitifnya for running the task.

The disease of diabetes mellitus can also attack so many people, such as children who are mostly caused by genetic abnormalities so the hormone insulin is not produced at all. The disease also strikes adults who usually are the result of a bad lifestyle so that the hormone insulin sensitivity decrease and even diabetes can also occur in pregnant women. Diabetes has huge influence against other organs if the glucose levels in the blood of its victims are not controlled properly. In this article we will look at what are the complications of diabetes is to know and look out for!
Diabetes complications that need to be controlled and Prevented
Diabetes or diabetes is one of the many diseases once found today. For people with diabetes, keep your blood glucose levels are always controlled to become one of the ways to prevent dangerous complications in the future. Let's see what are the complications that can be caused by diabetes!
1. kidney-damaging Complications

Complications of diabetes will first we discussed is the kidney disorder. Complications to the kidney actually went into the category of long-term complications that can occur after years of a person suffering from the disease of diabetes mellitus. Kidney disorders that occur in chronically would cause someone experiencing chronic kidney failure is usually very late undiagnosed. Terlambatnya diagnosis of chronic renal failure is caused because the symptoms are less so typical of this disease.

Chronic renal failure caused by damage to the small blood vessels in the kidneys occur due to uncontrolled glucose levels. High levels of glucose in the blood is one of the free radicals that can damage blood vessels. For it is very important for every people with diabetes to kidney checked regularly, either 3 months or 6 months even without symptoms.
2. eye-damaging Complications

Complications of diabetes mellitus complications is next to the blood vessels of the eyes of its victims. The cause is not another blood sugar levels that are less controlled and eventually become free radicals that will damage the small blood vessels in the eye. Vision that will be felt by people with diabetes will also occur slowly and the longer the more weight.

Patients usually complain of a view that the longer the more opaque and even going to complain like seeing black spots which floated on eyes. Just as in the above kidney complication, every diabetics it is necessary to control blood sugar and also did a routine check up to the eyes for at least 3 months.

3. Complications that damage the heart and blood vessels

Complications of diabetes later is also not less dangerous than the previous complications-complications are heart and vascular complications. Complications of heart and blood vessels actually have the same mechanism with two complications which we have mentioned above. Complications of heart and blood vessels is one of the long-term complications of diabetes that can be life threatening.

The most frequent complication encountered is a disorder of the blood vessels of the heart that can lead to heart attack, followed by disorders of the blood vessels of the edge as the blood vessels can cause swelling in the legs is accompanied the taste is hot for no apparent reason. In addition to that diabetics can menglami disorders of the blood vessels of the brain and can cause hazard because it could culminate a drive hit by stroke.

In addition uncontrolled diabetes can also cause blood vessel disorder on sexual organs so that it will lead a drive to experience various sexual dysfunction complaint could still be treated by administering drugs.

4. Complications damage peripheral nerves

Complications of diabetes the next we will discuss is the complications of the nervous system to the edge of its victims. Disorders of the peripheral nerves caused by diabetes mellitus usually include impaired sensation felt by the body. Patients will often feel tingling or even to feel numbness (loss of sensation altogether).

This condition can be a frightening Specter of remembrance, loss of sensation in the body can harm the sufferer. Can you imagine someone being lost completely the sensation in the hands or feet may not feel if your hands or feet were burning or impaled and experience a variety of trauma. This is causing some were called by the management's feet to protect sufferers of diabetes mellitus the vulnerable peripheral nerves disorders experience.

On the management of the foot, a sufferer of diabetes mellitus are encouraged to always use footwear wherever traveling, keep clean and also the humidity of the legs and the most important thing of course is to control their blood sugar levels as well.

5. acute Complications

After we discussed earlier about long-term complications that can be experienced by diabetics, this time we will discuss the complications of acute or short term complications that lurk diabetics. Same is the case with long-term complications, acute complication is also caused by blood sugar levels are not controlled.

There are two dangerous abnormalities that can occur and are the complications of diabetes caused by the condition of the blood sugar that is too high i.e. Ketoacidosis Diabetikum (KAD) and Hiperglikemik Hiperosmolar (HHS). Both of these abnormalities can cause the sufferer experience weakness and impaired consciousness in the rest of the body also requires special handling in hospitals.

In addition because the excess glucose levels, a diabetics can also experience a lack of blood sugar are no less dangerous and highly influential on the salvation of the sufferer. Seeing this, certainly as diabetics maintain sugar levels in the body by regularly taking medication, keep your food intake and exercise absolute done.

So the discussion about the complications of diabetes can be presented in this article. For those of you diabetics need not worry and despair because of the many complications that could happen to You at a later date. Don't forget, that blood sugar control was instrumental in the development of this disease.

So, keep Your passion in living healthily, teraturlah in taking the drug and checking yourself regularly because if these complications dididagnosis more early then the chances of successful healing will be even greater. Finally, I hope this article was helpful for all of us!

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Powerful Remedies Overcome Itching on Skin from Natural Materials

You must have had an itchy name on the skin, and the following information about itching on the skin may be the solution. Suffering from itching is of course very disturbing especially if the itchy it appears when you are working and working at important moments. Surely you will feel ashamed if you have to scratch and hold the skin that itches. In addition to embarrassment, suffering from itching is also very torturous because it causes you to be less concentrated, rest disrupted, and insomnia. People who suffer from itching usually always want to scratch the itchy part, but this can actually cause irritation so that the itch will suffer worse.

Itching can be caused by many factors, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, allergies, insect bites, due to exposure to certain chemicals, or due to psychological factors (depression / stress). Itching can also be caused by a chronic disease that causes certain substances to accumulate in the body causing itching, such as kidney failure, cirrhosis, hepatitis, diabetes, leukemia, and lymphoma. Hormonal changes can also trigger the occurrence of itching, such as hormonal changes in pregnant women, menopause, as well as thyroid hormone disorders. In iron deficiency anemia anemia can also cause sufferers easily experience itching.

Various Kinds of Itching on Natural Skin
Itching of the skin can be manifested in a variety of varied symptoms, such as a red rash on the skin, small spots, scaly skin, grown pus or ulcers, and so on. The place of growth also varies, can be in certain areas only or can spread in most members of the body. To treat the itchy disease, you can use medicines that are natural and safe for health. Here is a skin itchy drug that you can try:
1. Potion turmeric, temulawak, and sambiloto

You can use a concoction consisting of turmeric, temulawak, and sambiloto leaves to heal the itch. This herb is very potent used as an allergic itchy drug. The trick is to prepare 20 grams of turmeric, 30 grams of temulawak, and 10 grams of sambiloto leaves. Peeled turmeric and temulawak, then wash the three ingredients until clean and then boiled with 2 cups water until the remaining half. Strain the potion, then drink the water regularly 2 times a day.

2. The crown of the gods

You can also use the god's crown leaf as a potent itchy skin remedy. How to use it is to prepare the crown of gods to taste, wash using clean water, then puree by pounding. Then apply the crown of the god that has been smoothed on the skin itch / irritation it will soon heal.

3. Bleeding leaves

How to make a concoction of leaf biduri to heal itching on the skin is to prepare biduri leaves to taste then wash until clean and mashed / pounded. Then combine coconut oil to taste and applied to the skin that is irritated.

4. Leaves greetings

Laurel leaf can be used as an itching agent on the skin because it has a natural antibiotic substance. How to use it is to find a bay leaf to taste, wash until clean, then crushed or smoothed and paste on the itchy skin.
5. Betel leaf and mangosteen leather

To treat itching on the skin, you can also use the betel leaf and mangosteen leather. How to make it that is provide 20 pieces of betel leaf, 100 grams of mangosteen fruit skin. Wash thoroughly both ingredients then boiled with enough water. After that use the water while warm to wash the skin itchy.

6. Peppermint leaves

Leaf peppermint is an itchy drug on the skin because it can reduce irritation / inflammation and swelling. In addition peppermint leaves can also provide a cool sensation and a sense of comfort on the skin. How to use it very easy, that is you just rub peppermint leaves on the area of ​​skin that experience itching, wait a few moments to absorb, then rinse with clean water.

7. Basil leaves

The next itchy skin on the skin is basil leaves. Basil leaf contains a substance called thymol so effectively heal itching. How to use it, look for basil leaves to taste, wash thoroughly, then rub on the skin that experience itching / irritation.

8. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to heal the itching of the skin especially as an allergic itchy drug, because it contains anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic. How to use the drops of apple cider vinegar into the cotton then apply on the skin that suffer from itching.
9. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is also an itchy skin remedy that effectively heals skin irritation. The trick is to find aloe vera leaves to taste, then cut or break to take mucus / gelnya. Then apply the aloe vera / gel on the skin irritation.
10. Clay

Clay was also able to treat itching on the skin, especially caused by insect bites. Clay has a substance that can attract toxins from the skin so it can heal itching and reduce pain. How to use it is looking for clay to taste, put in a container / bowl, then mix the water into it. Stir the clay with the water to form a paste, the level of consistency is approximately like peanut butter. After that apply a mixture of clay on the skin itch, allow a few moments to dry, then last rinse with clean water.

Tips for Accelerating Healing Itchy Skin
In addition to using itchy skin on the skin as mentioned above, there are some tips you can do to speed healing / irritation that you are suffering. These tips include compressing an itchy skin using a flannel cloth soaked in cold water, always keeping your nails clean, not wearing clothes with clothing that can add itch (eg tight wool and fabric), and avoid scratching the skin area itchy because it can cause more severe irritation.

Take care of skin hygiene regularly with soap and clean water, apply lotion after bathing to keep skin moist, always wash hands after activity, and use the soft bed sheet (not hot).

Be careful of foods that may cause allergic reactions to your skin, such as shrimp allergies, eggs, shellfish, certain types of milk, and so on. In addition to food, you should also be wary of substances or objects that can also trigger allergies, causing itching of the skin, including certain types of drugs (eg, antibiotics and aspirin), cosmetics, soap, prickly heat, dust, wool, rubber, or certain types of plants or animals.

You should also manage the psychic / mind well, because the onset of itch can also be triggered due to stress. If the itching on your skin is hard to heal, then you should consult a doctor to get the right medical examination and treatment.

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4 Gejala Awal Diabetes dan Beberapa Gejala Lanjutan Tipe 1 & Tipe 2 - Bagaimana Anda dapat mengetahui apakah Anda menderita diabetes? Kebanyakan gejala diabetes di awal adalah dari kadar gula darah yang lebih dari batas normal.

Tanda peringatan ini sangatlah tidak terasa sehingga Anda tidak akan menyadarinya. Ini yang terjadi pada kebanyakan penderita diabetes tipe 2. Beberapa orang tidak menyadarinya sampai mereka mendapatkan masalah dari kerusakan jangka panjang yang disebabkan oleh penyakit ini.

Sementara diabetes tipe 1, gejala diabetes tipe 1 biasanya terjadi dengan cepat, dalam beberapa hari atau beberapa minggu. Dan tentu saja jauh lebih gawat dari gejala yang ditemukan di diabetes tipe 2.

Kedua tipe diabetes ini memiliki pertanda yang serupa, yakni :

1.      Lapar dan lelah

Tubuh Anda mengubah makanan yang Anda makan menjadi gula yang sel-sel tubuh Anda butuhkan untuk menjadi energy. Akan tetapi, sel-sel tubuh Anda memerlukan insulin untuk membawa masuk gula.

Jika tubuh Anda tidak memproduksi cukup atau tidak sama sekali insulin, atau sel-sel tubuh Anda menolak insulin yang diproduksi tubuh Anda, gula yang dihasilkand dari makanan tidak dapat masuk ke dalam, dan andapun tidak memiliki energy. Ini dapat membuat Anda lebih cepat lapar dan lelah dibanding biasa.

2.      Buang air kecil lebih banyak dan lebih haus.

Rata-rata manusia biasanya buang air kecil antara 4 sampai 7 kali sehari, tapi orang yang terkena diabetes bisa memerlukannya lebih dari biasanya.

Mengapa? Biasanya tubuh Anda menghisap kembali gula saat mereka melewati ginjal Anda. Tapi saat penderita diabetes mendorong gula darah Anda, tubuh Anda mungkin tidak akan dapat menyerapnya sama sekali. Itu akan menyebabkan mereka perlu membuangnya dengan cara membuat lebih banyak urin, dan tentu saja itu membutuhkan cairan.

Anda mungkin akan buang air kecil lebih sering, dan karena itu pula Anda dapat merasa sangat haus. Dan saat Anda minum lebih banyak, tentu Anda juga akan buang air kecil lebih banyak lagi.

3.      Mulut kering dan kulit gatal.

Karena tubuh Anda menggunakan banyak cairan menjadi urin, tentu itu memakan cairan dan membuat cairan untuk hal lainnya berkurang. Kamu mungkin akan merasakan dehidrasi, dan mulut Anda terasa kering. Sementara itu, kulit kering juga dapat membuat Anda gatal-gatal.

4.      Penglihatan tidak jelas

Kadar cairan di tubuh Anda berubah dapat membuat lensa mata Anda membengkak. Mereka berubah bentuk dan kehilangan kemampuan mereka untuk fokus.

Gejala diabetes lanjutan untuk tipe 2

1.      Infeksi Jamur

Penderita diabetes, baik pria ataupun wanita dapat mendapatkan gejala diabetes ini. Makanan jamur adalah glukosa, jika Anda memiliki banyak glukosa di tubuh Anda, maka jamur-jamur itu akan berkemang. Infeksi dapat berkembang pada semua kulit yang hangat dan kering, termasuk:
  • Di antara jari tangan dan jari kaki
  • Di bawah payudara
  • Di dalam atau di luar bagian kelamin.

L         2. Luka yang lama sembuh

Makin lama, kadar gula darah tinggi dapat mempengaruhi aliran darah Anda dan menyebabkan kerusakan syaraf yang membuat sulit bagi tubuh Anda untuk menyembuhkan luka-luka.

3.      Sakit atau mati rasa pada kaki atau paha Anda

Ini juga hasil dari kerusakan syaraf.

Gejala diabetes lanjutan untuk tipe 1

1.      Penurunan berat badan yang tidak direncanakan

Jika tubuh Anda tidak dapat mendapatkan energi dari makanan Anda, itu akan mulai membakar otot atau lemak menjadi energi. Anda akan mengalami penurunan berat badan meski pola makan Anda tidak berubah.

2.      Mual dan Muntah

Saat tubuh Anda mulai membakar lemak, maka itu akan memproduksi ‘keton.’ Keton dapat menaikan darah Anda ke kadar yang berbahaya, dan mungkin akan mengancam nyawa Anda saat memasuki kondisi yang disebut diabetic ketoacidosis. Ketones dapat membuat perut Anda merasa sakit.

Kapan Anda harus ke dokter?

Jika Anda berumur lebih dari 45 tahun atau memiliki resiko terkena diabetes lainnya, sangatlah penting untuk melakukan tes. Saat Anda menyadari kondisi ini lebih awal, Anda dapat menghindari kerusakan syaraf, masalah jantung, dan komplikasi lainnya.

Sebagai aturan umum, menghubungi dokter Anda saat Anda:
  • Merasa sakit perut, lemah, dan sangat haus.
  • Sering buang air kecil
  • Menderita sakit kepala yang parah
  • Bernafas lebih dalam dan lebih cepat dari biasanya
  • Menderita nafas yang manis dan beraroma seperti penghilang cat kuku (Ini adalah tanda dari keton yang sangat tinggi.
Meski memang seperti tak terasa, tapi jika Anda mengalami gejala diabetes yang disebut di artikel ini, ada baiknya Anda menghubungi dokter untuk konsultasi. Kami sarankan Anda juga membaca artikel menarik lain nya tentang Cara Jitu Mencegah Diabetes

Tips Ampuh Cara Diet Untuk Diabetes Tipe 2

Sebuah tim yang berasal dari Universitas Newcastle (Inggris) menemukan fakta bahwa diabetes tipe 2 dapat diatasi hanya dengan diet kalori rendah secare ekstim. Diet diabetes yang diuji ini terbukti mampu mengatasi diabetesnya, apakah ini merupakan solusi final? Atau masih harus di uji lebih lanjut.

Di fase awal percobaan yang dibiayai oleh Diabetes UK itu pada 11 orang, semuanya dapat mengatasi diabetes-nya dengan memotong asupun harian secara drastis menjadi hanya 600 kalori perhari dengan rentang waktu dua bulan. Dan 3 bulan berikutnya, 7 orang tetap bebas dari diabetes.

Pemimpin penelitian ini, Professor Roy Taylor dari Universitas Newcastle dan juga bekerja untuk Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust menyatakan: “Untuk membuat orang-orang bebas diabetes setelah ada di kondisi itu bertahun-tahun sangatlah menakjubkan – dan semuanya karena diet 8 minggu yang mereka lakukan.

“Ini merupakan sebuah perubahan yang radikal dalam memahami diabetes tipe 2. Dan itu akan mengubah cara kita menjelaskan untuk orang-orang yang kondisi diabetesnya baru di diagnosa. Karena sudah lama dipercaya bahwa seseorang dengan diabetes tipe 2 akan selalu menderita penyakit itu, dan semakin lama kondisinya akan semakin buruk, sekarang kita dapat menunjukan kita bisa mengatasi keadaan ini.”

Sementara itu, sebuah riset yang diumumkan pada konferensi American Diabetes Association dan diterbitkan di Diabetologia mengubah cara pikir seseorang terhadap diabetes. Riset itu menunjukkan bahwa orang yang melakukan diet kalori sangat rendah dapat mengangkat lemak yang menyumbat pankreas dan membuat pengeluaran insulin secara normal dapat dikembalikan.

Sebelumnya, hal itu diperkirakan sebagai sebuah kondisi yang progresif, atau makin lama akan mengingkat. Diabetes tipe 2 dapat dikendalikan dengan diet di awal, lalu dengan tablet, dan pada akhirnya memerlukan suntikan insulin.

Diabetes tipe 2, yang sebelumnya dikenal hanya menyerang orang-orang dewasa, sekarang ditemukan juga menyerang orang-orang muda bahkan anak-anak. Hal ini dikarenakan terlalu banyak gula di darah karena pankreas tidak dapat memproduksi cukup insulin – hormon yang mengubah gula menjadi energi dan mendisbrusikannya ke sel-sel tubuh – atau karena tubuh tidak bereaksi terhada insulin, atau lebih dikenal sebagai insulin sensitivity.

Di bawah pengawasan ketat dari tim medis, 11 orang yang terserang diabetes melakukan diet ekstrim hanya dengan 600 kalori per hari yang berisikan minuman cair khusus diet ditambah 200 kalori sayur mayor. Produksi insulin dan lemak yang ada di hati dan pankreas dipelajari selama 8 minggu mereka melakukan diet diabetes ekstrim itu.

Hanya satu minggu setelahnya, tim dari Universitas Newcastle menemukan bahwa kadar gula darah sebelum sarapan mereka kembali ke angka normal.

Scan MRI pada pankreas mereka menunjukan kadar lemak di pankreas mereka telah kembali dari kadar berlebih ke normal (dari sekitar 8 % ke 6 %). Dan itu menyebabkan pankreas kembali mendapatkan kemampuan normalnya dalam hal memproduksi insulin, dan hasilnya, kadar gula darah setelah sarapan mereka pun pelan-pelan membaik.

Para sukarelawan kemudian diawasi tiga bulan kemudian. Kali ini, mereka kembali ke kebiasaan makan normal mereka, meski mendapatkan saran tentang porsi makan sehat untuk mereka. Dari 10 orang yang kembali di uji, 7 orang tetap bebas diabetes.

“Kami percaya ini menunjukan bahwa diabetes tipe 2 hanyalah tentang keseimbangan energy dalam tubuh,” Professor Taylor menjelaskan, “jika Anda makan lebih dari yang terbakar, maka sisa-sisanya akan tersimpan di hati dan pankreas sebagai lemak yang dapat menyebabkan diabetes tipe 2 pada sebagian orang. Yang perlu kita periksa lebih lanjut adalah mengapa beberapa orang lebih rentan terhadap diabetes dibanding orang lainnya.”

Sementara itu, Dr. Iain Frame, direktur riset di Diabete UK menyatakan: “Kami menyambung hasil riset ini karena itu menunjukan diabetes tipe 2 dapat diatasi, dengan hasil yang sama dengan operasi yang berhasil tapi tanpa efk samping. Akan tetapi, diet diabetes ini bukanlah hal yang mudah dan Diabetes UK sangat menyarankan diet drastis seperti ini harus dilakukan dangan pengawasan medis yang ketat. Meskipun ini uji coba yang kecil, kami menantikan hasil di masa yang akan datang, terutama tentang apakah perbaikan ini akan tetap untuk jangka waktu yang panjang.”

Hasil ini sedikit memberikan harapan bagi penderita diabetes dimana
pun mereka berada, meskipun diet diabetes ekstrim ini sangat sulit untuk dilakukan, tapi cukup layak untuk dicoba, tentu dengan pengawasan medis yang memadai.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

8 Cara Pengobatan dan Tips Perawatan Diabetes Selama Kehamilan

Pernah memikirkan untuk merencanakan kehamilan tapi ingat Anda menderita diabetes? Di bawah ini, Anda akan menemukan tips merawat diabetes selama kehamilan.
Jika Anda penderita diabetes dan berencana untuk berkeluarga, mungkin Anda harus merencanakan kehamilan Anda sedetail mungkin. Mengendalikan gula darah Anda sebelum konsepsi dan sepanjang kehamilan memberikan Anda peluang terbaik untuk mendapatkan kehamilan dan persalinan yang bebas masalah, juga tentu saja bayi yang sehat.
Jika Anda menderita diabetes dan kehamilan Anda tak direncanakan, masih banyak yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk memberikan bayi Anda awal kehidupan terbaik yang dapat Anda berikan.
Informasi di artikel ini adalah khusus untuk wanita yang memang sudah terkena diabetes sebelum hamil.
Jika diabetes baru masuk saat wanita itu hamil, dinamakan diabetes gestational.

Kehamilan Terencana

Kunjungi doctor Anda setidaknya 6 bulans sebelum Anda memulai program kehamilan, jika Anda bisa.
Anda akan disarankan untuk mengendalikan kadar gula Anda tetap dalam kadar baik dan mengambil beberapa suplemen. Anda juga mungkin akan disarankan untuk mengganti program pengobatan Anda.
Jika Anda sehat dan penyakit diabetes Anda dikendalikan dengan baik saat Anda hamil, Anda memiliki peluang bagus untuk dapat merasakan kehamilan dan persalinan yang normal.
Diabetes yang tidak dikendalikan dengan baik dapat mempengaruhi kesehatan Anda dan terus saja beresiko untuk si jabang bayi.

Kehamilan Tidak Terencana

Tidak semua orang dapat merencakan kehamilannya. Jika Anda menderita diabetes dan Anda hamil, sesegera mungkin temui dokter.

Tim kesehatan Anda

Anda juga mungkin akan dirawat oleh tim kesehatan professional yang berisikan:
  • Seorang dokter kandungan yang dapat menangani kehamilan beresiko.
  • Seorang spesialis yang berpengalaman dalam perawatan diabetes semasa kehamilan, a seorang endocrinologist atau bisa juga dokter umum.
  • Pembimbing diabetes Anda, yang mungkin dapat membantu Anda menangani diabetes Anda.
  • Seorang ahli diet yang dapat memberikan saran bagi diet Anda pada semua tahapan (Sebelum pembuahan, sedang hamil juga setelah kelahiran)
  • Seorang bidan.

Diabetes selama kehamilan

Selama Anda dapat merawat diri Anda sendiri, kehamilan adalah waktu dimana Anda membutuhkan perhatian lebih lagi. Sangatlah penting bagi kesehatan Anda dan bayi Anda untuk tetap menjaga kadar gula darah Anda tetap stabil. Kadar idealnya adalah 4.0 – 5.0 mmol/L sebelum makan, dan 5.0 – 7.0 mmol/L dua jam setelah makan.
Ketika Anda hamil, ada peluang Anda menderita beberapa komplikasi diabetes, seperti penyakit mata dan penyakit ginjal. Anda membutuhkan seorang dokter untuk tetap mengawasinya. Juga ada peluang Anda mendapatkan pre-eclampsia, dimana tekanan darah Anda naik, yang dapat menyebabkan masalah bagi jabang bayi.
Bayi yang terlahir dari wanita penderita diabetes menghadapi resiko seperti terlahir terlalu besar, terlahir premature bahkan gagal lahir.
Resiko-resiko itu dapat berkurang jika Anda menjaga kadar gula Anda tetap terkendali.

Pengobatan diabetes selama kehamilan

Kebutuhan gula dan insulin di tubuh Anda berubah selama kehamilan. Ini berarti pengobatan Anda juga akan berubah. Dan mungkin perubahan ini tidak terjadi hany sekali. Dokter Anda akan menyarankan seberapa sering Anda melakukan tes terhadap kadar gula darah Anda dan pengobatan apa yang digunakan.
Beberapa wanita yang menderita diabetes tipe 1 akan disarankan untuk mengganti cara mereka mendapatkan insulin, dan mungkin akan disarankan untuk menggunakan pompa insulin.
Sementara wanita yang menderita diabetes tips 2 dapat mengendalikan gula darah mereka hanya dengan diet, tanpa pengobatan untuk awal kehamilan mereka. Tapi kebanyakan akan memerlukan pengobatan pada beberapa tahap.
Jika Anda ingin mendapatkan pengobatan – resep, alternatif, atau tanpa resep – periksalah lebih dulu dengan dokter Anda.
Jika Anda menyadari kebutuhan pengobatan Anda tiba-tiba berubah, atau gula darah Anda berubah secara mendadak. Segera panggil dokter Anda, untuk meminta saran.

Apa yang dapat Anda lakukan.

Ada banyak hal yang dapat Anda lakukan:
1.       Mulai mengkonsumsi folate saat Anda berencana untuk hamil.
  1. Segere pergi ke dokter Anda, dan sering-sering melakukan konsultasi
  2. Terus menerus melakukan pemantauan terhadap kadar gula darah Anda
  3. Terima saran apa yang harus dimakan, dan ikuti.
  4. Hindari alkohol, rokok, dan obat-obatan terlarang.
  5. Tinjau secara rutin semua pengobatan Anda.
  6. Pastikan Anda mendapatkan vaksinasi terakhir.
  7. Jaga terus berat badan Anda.
Demikian tips untuk wanita yang menderita diabetes selama kehamilan.